In many situations, clients can benefit from the similarities between their needs and those of others by using tools that have become the de-facto leaders in providing efficient and resilient ways of collecting, processing and reporting on relatively straightforward data. Two specific examples, which we expand on in the Track Record section, are Sales Assessment (for identifying and measuring sales talent) and Verdiem (for managing PC Power Consumption).  In these cases the focus is on data gathering and processing and the need for consultancy is limited. Although the results may lead to interesting opportunities to improve client performance.

In other situations far more consulting support is needed to assist clients in gaining the full benefit of a standardised tool set.  For example, Review Management relies heavily on multiple layers of management working together consistently to implement, report on and feedback the challenges involved in executing strategy and ensuring rapid and effective change across a large organisation.

In the most valuable area, where a business needs to improve both its business model and the environment in which it operates as the basis for examining and selecting options and minimizing risk, a combination of powerful tools, such as Mathematica are required to integrate multiple sources of data in ways which several management disciplines can visualise and explore with support from our experienced analysts.