Case Studies

Our cases speak for themselves…

Case Studies

Thermal processing

Bodycote’s Aerospace, Defense & Energy Heat Treatment Division deploys online assessment and diagnostic tools to drive sales talent strategy. The challenge Bodycote Plc has traditionally grown by strategic acquisition of entrepreneur-led technology companies. However, the recent downturn coupled with a strategic review has led to a change in focus to bring the organization into line …

Business Intelligence

Qlik Tech, a leading Business Intelligence software company, is the fastest growing company in its category, and is moving into new markets and expanding its innovative business solutions to new verticals. The challenge Positioning the company to meet these requirements involved changing the sales approach, moving from selling the software as an application, to a …

Flu Pandemic

Key flu outbreaks in 2008 caught federal and state health agencies by surprise, resulting in shortages of equipment and delays in patient care. We simulated a hypothetical outbreak in Alabama to allow state and federal health officials to role play a series of outbreaks to identify barriers to response.

Natural Gas Developer

Are the traditional “rules of thumb” for developing natural gas fields, handed down over generations, still applicable? How can we be sure? Our simulation model re-created the rules by which fields are developed, and then tested these against real field scenarios. Many long held beliefs were appropriately challenged with data.

Department of Motor Vehicles

California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) sought to reduce the cost of serving its customers while improving overall service level and satisfaction. Our solution provided simulation model allowing DMV to understand the interaction of DMV office locations, staff resource levels, and the use of self-help kiosks, against several customer makeup scenarios.