Bodycote’s Aerospace, Defense & Energy Heat Treatment Division deploys online assessment and diagnostic tools to drive sales talent strategy.

The challenge
Bodycote Plc has traditionally grown by strategic acquisition of entrepreneur-led technology companies. However, the recent downturn coupled with a strategic review has led to a change in focus to bring the organization into line with market expectations for a world-class customer service business and to drive superior shareholder returns. The goal is to achieve an organization capable of consistently delivering 3-4% growth above the market average on a long-term basis.

The strategy
The business is driving organizational and cultural change where Sales is seen as the future elite and as an aspirational career destination in its own right. All parts of the Aerospace, Defense & Energy Heat Treatment business – which is led by Tracy Glende – are expected to be customer focused.

The Aerospace, Defense & Energy business has been part of a substantial restructuring and transformation initiative which has seen Bodycote Plc move from a geographic- to a market-based business. In transforming from a technology-led organization to a sales-led business, the Aerospace, Defense & Energy Heat Treatment Division has founded its new sales strategy on three pillars:

1. sales methodology;
2. new tools, including the implementation of new global CRM solution;
3. talent management, beginning with the hiring of new High-Perfomer sales talent, as identified by’s Sales Talent Assessment tool.

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