Torus Business Web brings together an exceptional set of skills

At the core of Torus Business Web are a team of highly experienced consultants. Independent consultants are widely recognised to provide the best available combination of experience and value for money for any engagement where the rigour and and quality of the thinking are essential and standard approaches may not be adequate. Each of the core team can access a wide range of specialists to work on specific projects. For example, The Richmond Group of Independent Consultants (now in its 30th year), where we have access to the skills of over 40 subject matter experts.

David Peregrine-Jones

David has been involved in the sales and marketing of high tech products and services for most of his career, first in IBM UK and then as an independent consultant working with large corporates, who need to focus on winning more enterprise sales opportunities.

Hugh Stafford Smith

Hugh is in the business of transforming sales teams into high performing revenue generators. Most of his working life has been spent in the pursuit of revenue generation. See for more about Hugh's work.

George Danner

George is an expert in agent-based modeling, Monte Carlo simulation, System Dynamics, Game Theory, and Real Options. He is currently President of Business Laboratory LLC and has previously held executive positions at nGenera Corporation, Industrial Science LLC, and Arthur Andersen. He has a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University and a Master's in Science in Management from MIT. See for more about George's work.

John Reynolds

John is an expert in strategic futures analysis.  He has led strategy as a director on the Boards of a number of government departments and agencies.  He also led the futures and innovation work in what was the UK Department of Trade and Industry.  Prior to this he was an advisor to two Prime Ministers on science and technology.  He is also a Director of SAMI Consulting.