Qlik Tech, a leading Business Intelligence software company, is the fastest growing company in its category, and is moving into new markets and expanding its innovative business solutions to new verticals.

The challenge
Positioning the company to meet these requirements involved changing the sales approach, moving from selling the software as an application, to a broader strategic positioning of its business solutions to customers.

QlikTech’s offering delivers critical business data to their customers in a way that is easy to use and fast to deploy. To change to solution selling with success, the sales people needed to understand and be able to articulate clearly the business impact and value this data creates for their customers’ businesses.

The solution
In order to take this next evolutionary step, QlikTech assessed what training would have to be considered for each of their sales people individually, and for the team as a whole to make this transition work. This was achieved through the use of Fit-4 to carry out an objective and robust analysis of the capabilities of each sales person, with their results mapped against a benchmark set of high performer capabilities for each role.

“Through adopting this approach in the Nordics and eventually throughout Europe, QlikTech is able to identify precisely what development each individual needs, enabling us to move forward towards our goals. Additionally we are better able to target our training spend to greater effect and provide personalised training plans for each member of the team,” explains Mats Ferm, VP and Managing Director, QlikTech Nordic region.

“As a part of this exercise QlikTech, , deployed a new segmented European sales organisation, based on information from the Fit-4 results, focusing on SMB and Enterprise respectively. Achieving this would have been much more difficult without Fit-4. This enabled us to meet one of our key objectives for this program — making sure we have the right person with the right training to be most effective in their role.

“Through the use of FIT-4 from SalesAssessment. com, we were able to gain the advantages that we sought without taking our team out of the selling day. The results were insightful and gave us a detailed and accurate understanding of our sales team that immediately enabled us to better manage, develop and motivate each individual sales person.

The future
“Having completed the initial project, we will be using Fit-4 in future recruiting initiatives throughout Europe to identify top talent. We have found that the detailed analysis available from Fit-4 is very valuable during the interview cycle, as it enables us to focus our questioning specifically at potential areas of opportunity or concern.

“Overall, we have found Fit-4 to offer clear, insightful analysis of our sales teams, and when you add in Fit-4’s unique High Performer, role specific benchmark, we are now able to hire and develop our sales people more precisely to our needs to ensure the right person in the right role, ” Mr Ferm concluded.

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